We left Abu Dhabi at 9:00 local.Over Indian Ocean now.been flying for 7hrs. 3:10 to go.Nagpur India destination.We had a nice time in the United Arab Emeretes. With a failed alternator we were stuck at the hotel waiting for new one from USA. We ordered a new alternator on Monday and it arrived Wednesday afternoon. We had to go to airport on Tues. to remove failed one and re fuel for next leg.It took Marty 2 hr. to install by flashlight and it worked!!!
The hotel was Wonderful Grand Mercure on top of a  3000 ft mountain,
However it was 45 from airportt. which made repairs on the plane  very time consuming.I was on a 6 hr.private guided tour to Abu Dhabi city when Marty called that the part arrived and I had to head back to hotel. We did wind up with a typical Arab assorted  skewered meats of course no pork.
We woke up 5:30 AM to prepare for our next leg, we reviewed our route and flight plan .
Right now we are over Mumbai and the indian ocean and have about 2:45 to go.