November 1
Departed my order at 8:45 AM blue 1500 nautical miles in 10 hours and 10 minutes for good weather landed in Cyprus at about 8 PM local time we checked into a Radisson blue hotel at around 9 PM another very nice hotel,of course had a Greek salad hit our beds around 11 PM
November 2
it seems that is part of the world the hotels pride themselves on their breakfast buffet the Radisson we are staying was just open about two months ago and it has three or four Great restaurants. Unfortunately we were only able to try 2. We then drove our rental car to the airport and refueled we had a minor repair to one of our radios which Marty was able to accomplish in about 10 minutes. We had a total fuel capacity about 200 gallons. For some unknown reason 1 life jacket was not on board so we hunted down a marine supply and our
day was done.
November 3
Marty was not feeling 100% perfect and he wanted to relax at the hotel I decided I would like to do a tour of the island my local guide picked me up around 9 AM and delivered me back to the hotel in 7hrs. Wish his English was perfect we had a fabulous day every beautiful island.

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Breakfast was beehive honey
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