Cyprus to Abu Dhabi
(Al Ain, United Arab Emirates)

Sunday, November 4

We departed Cyprus for the United Arab
Emirates at 8:30 AM local time. This leg was a little more challenging as we could not obtain overflight permits to go direct. This required an additional 300 NMs to fly over Egypt, the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia. We landed at Al Ain International Airport (ICAO: OMAL) in the state of Abu Dhabi of the U.A.E. It was a 12 hr flight.
About three hrs prior to landing, our primary electrical power system failed, so we relied on our backup system, which operated perfectly. Flight was never in doubt.

After landing, we checked into the Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Hotel on top of a 3,000 ft mountain. The ride up to it was spectacular making the 45 minute ride to and from the airport worthwhile.

Monday, November 5

We determined that the alternator itself was the problem. A new one was ordered with two day delivery.

Tuesday, November 6

We went to the airport for refueling and to remove the failed alternator.

Wednesday, November 7

We thank Aircraft Spruce and Specialties for unbelievable service as we had a new alternator in the afternoon. We installed it and the problem was solved.
Also, SkyPlan, our planing service, found fuel in the South Pacific. So I decided to change our route from Japan and Alaska to Australia and Hawaii (details to follow)

Due to the mechanical issue, we did not have time to explore the area before we had to leave on Thursday, November 8. Despite that, we had a nice time in the United Arab Emirates.

Cyprus to U.A.E.