Tuesday, October 30
Departed from Santa Maria to Mallorca at 9 AM. Our flight a little over 9 hours.We had hotel reservations at the Melia Palm Bay Hotel, a beautiful hotel property.
We had lost part of our high frequency (HF) Antenna on our flight over. A functioning HF radio is required for trans-oceanic flying.We were able to return to the airport on Wednesday and make a quick repair.
Arrived at Mallorca in  a little over nine hours we breezed through customs and immigration.Than off  to the Melia Palmbay hotel, a beautiful hotel. Since the international airport does not have avgas a general aviation airport 6 miles away was utilized to secure fuel and an oil change, the airport is not an airport of entry and you cannot depart the country from that airport,we flew back to the international airport and prepared ourselves for a flight the following morning to Cyprus.

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